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Smart Hot water controller

Customer support

Is your installed solar water heating system not performing as it should? Green Heat provides guidelines to help you resolve any issues. If the problem persists, please fill out the contact form below and our team will contact you.

Common questions with regards to an installed system

Display is dead


Possible cause:

  • Ripple Control by the power company

Power companies have control over the power of your hot water cylinder and can switch it off at anytime to reduce the load on their grid during high usage times.  


  • The solar will not switch off and continue to heat the water

  • Wait for the power company to switch the system back on and it might take up to 6 hours. 


Dry burn protection


Possible cause:

  • An empty hot water cylinder

  • Temperature probe installed too close to the element

This happens when the smart controller pick up a rapid temperature climb inside the tank which is not normal for water heating.


  • Open water tap to check if the cylinder have water

  • Move temperature probe further away from the element

Error codes on the display or on your app


Sensor failure of temperature probe


Possible cause:

  • The sensor is not properly plugged in

  • Damage to the sensor wire

  • Faulty sensor

This happens when the smart controller does not detect a connected temperature probe.


  • Replace sensor

  • Check electrical connections and/or plug in control unit

Error codes on the display or on your app


Heating loss

Possible cause:

  • Leaking hot water pipe

  • Faulty valve

  • Scale build up

  • No power supply to the AC side of the element

  • Faulty heating element

  • Water usage high during time when element heats with AC

  • Mechanical thermostat activated  

This happens when you have activated the AC element either by timer or manually and the water temperature does not increase as its suppose to. 


  • Inspect system for leaks or faulty valves

  • Set mechanical thermostat to 70ᵒC

  • Change timers to switch off the heating cycle before starting to consume water

  • Replace the PTC cartridge 

Error codes on the display or on your app


Over temperature protection

Possible cause:

  • Hot water cylinder over 85ᵒC

This often happen when a wetback system heats the water to higher temperatures.


  • Open hot water tap to reduce temperature in hot water cylinder

Error codes on the display or on your app


Communications failure

Possible cause:

  • Poor contact or damaged cable

The control box and the display struggle to communicate with each other


  • Check communications wire between control box and display unit

Error codes on the display or on your app

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