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Heating elements made with PTC chips do not use resistance wire as a source of heat. Instead, they use a number of ceramic PTC chips as the heating source. PTC heating elements are ceramic chips that have self-limiting temperature characteristics. As the PTC chips heat up they reach a designed temperature at which the heat output decreases drastically and stops it from getting hotter. As ambient temperature increases and less heat is dissipated, the resistance of the element will increase resulting in a near zero current draw at its designated temperature. 

Advanced Technology

OLD Technology

Tradiotional Solar water heating.jpg

NEW Technology

Photovoltaic water heating.jpg


Green Heat vs Traditional thermal solar water heating

The advantages are numerous, but here are a few:


We can convert any existing hot water cylinder into a solar powered hot water cylinder.

(Low pressure, high pressure, wetback, old solar tanks, heat pump with a tank, coiled tanks etc.)


No expensive plumbing required and very easy to install.  

(We also have DIY installation options available).


No inverter or batteries needed. We use direct solar DC power to heat your water.


No pump or glycol used, thus no mechanical breakdowns or maintenance.


Built in backup with AC on an automated timer for rainy days.


No freezing or overheating possible.


Our system keeps producing energy, even on cloudy and overcast days.


No grid power needed for solar water heating to work. (hot water during power-cuts/storms if it was sunny)


Waterless element changes with no spillage or water wastage. 


Food grade stainless steel element that can withstand even the worst water conditions.


Full digital control over your hot water with a digital display and an app on your phone to control your temperature remotely.


Exceptional lifespan on solar panels with 25-year warranty and 87% 30-year performance warranty.

Typical sunny day performance of the Green Heat system

PV Water heating graph

Second sunny day performance of the Green Heat system

2nd Day PV Water heating on sunny day

Where it all began

The concept was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 2004 and was the brainchild of Meinhard Fourie, when he identified a need in the market to measure and manage the electrical consumption of the common household hot water cylinder.  Since then, the system developed into one of the most advanced solar water heating systems in the world.

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