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About Us

We Always Deliver

Our company was founded by Dawid Strauss who noticed there was a gap between industry needs and what suppliers were offering. Since then, we have been growing in both size and reputation at an astonishing rate. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service and products to everyone we work with.

Energy Saving Products

Our energy saving products

Smart hot water controller
and element

  • Control your hot water cylinder temperature and times it switches on/off.

  • Connect to your smartphone to take control anywhere in the world with our connected. app. (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

  • Automate your electric heating times.

  • Set your own temperature for different times of the day.

AC/DC Water Heating element 

AC/DC Water Heating Elements

Stainless Steel AC and DC Dual circuit element

  • Individual AC and DC, 2 in 1 element with individual circuits

  • Can run both circuits at the same time.

  • DC direct from MPPT which are connected to PV Solar

  • No more overheating

  • Lasts in any water conditions

  • More efficient than conventional elements with PTC technology.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating 

Eco Solar MPPT Controller for DC water heating

  • Simply connect from 1100watt to 1400watt of PV panels (usually 3 to 4 large panels) to the Solar Controller. 

  • Your DC element connects directly on the output of this solar MPPT controller.

  • This unit can be controlled by either the Smart Controller or a wired digital thermostat.

  • Keep working while the power is down. Perfect for off-grid installations.

We recommend that the installation is
done by an electrician or certified solar installer.

Green Heat Diagram for PV solar water heating
Solar Panels on Rooftop

For Terms and Conditions, Warranty and shipping info, you may download the full document here:

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