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Our energy saving products

Smart hot water controller
and element

  • Control your hot water cylinder temperature and times it switches on/off.

  • Connect to your smartphone to take control anywhere in the world with our connected. app. (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

  • Automate your electric heating times.

  • Set your own temperature for different times of the day.

AC/DC Water Heating element 

AC/DC Water Heating Elements

Stainless Steel AC and DC Dual circuit element

  • Individual AC and DC, 2 in 1 element with individual circuits

  • Can run both circuits at the same time.

  • DC direct from MPPT which are connected to PV Solar

  • No more overheating

  • Lasts in any water conditions

  • More efficient than conventional elements with PTC technology.

Solar Hot Water Heating 

Eco Solar MPPT Controller for DC water heating

  • Simply connect from 1100watt to 1400watt of PV panels (usually 3 to 4 large panels) to the Solar Controller. 

  • Your DC element connects directly on the output of this solar MPPT controller.

  • This unit can be controlled by either the Smart Controller or a wired digital thermostat.

  • Keep working while the power is down. Perfect for off-grid installations.

We recommend that the installation is done by an electrician or certified solar installer.

Green Heat Installation
Manual download:  

Green Heat Diagram for PV solar water heating
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