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DIY Installation Guide

This section of our website is to guide you through an easy and safe installation. Some skill will be required but it should be achievable by all with a bit of common sense. 

Hand tools required for DIY

Only basic hand-tools will be needed for an installation. Skill level could be beginner.

DIY fitment video guide 

DIY installations have never been this easy with a step to step guide how to install the Green Heat equipment

Watch time 6 minutes 

Green Heat PV panels1.jpg

Bracket installation

Earthing of the solar panels

Fitting of the element

Our standard element has a screw type thread which is 1-1/4" or DN32 size, which fits most hot water cylinders.  There are a few types of cylinders which may need an additional adaptor to fit a Green Heat element.  See the types below to recognise your cylinder


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