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Frequently asked questions

Can I use PV solar panels to heat water?

Yes, with the new technology available, you can use PV (electric solar panels) to heat any hot water cylinder with the sun. 

Will I have hot water on rainy days?

Yes, on rainy days the system will automatically switch to conventional power to heat your water cylinder.  Our elements have dual heating circuits with solar DC and electricity AC. Both can run at the same time.

Will the solar water heating work during a power-cut?

Yes, the solar system is not dependant on AC power and will continue to heat the water, provided that its sunny. The smart controller will be off during a power-cut but the water temperature will still be regulated to a maximum of 75ᵒC with a secondary temperature probe. 

How much money will I save?

Depending on the user, you could save up to 70% of your water heating cost.  The other 30% will be for the rainy days.  Because of the efficiency of PV solar, you can still generate some electricity on cloudy days.

How much electricity will I save with a PV hot heating system?

On average, you can save 30%-60% of your annual electric energy usage. This will depend on the user and demographic area.  The more efficient your appliances in your home, the larger percentage saving you will see. 

How is PV water heating different from traditional solar water heating?

PV water heating uses electricity generated from the sun to heat your hot water cylinder, whereas traditional solar water heating requires plumbing from a thermal solar water panel on the roof to the water cylinder. This could be very expensive and even impractical.  This new technology makes solar hot water heating available to most houses.

How long will a PV solar heating system last?

This system uses a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) dual AC and DC Stainless steel element expected to outlast any new hot water cylinder. PV panels on the roof have a  25 years warranty.

How many solar panels will I need?

With this new technology, you need around 1100 Watts to 1400 Watts of panels installed on your roof. This would normally be 3 or 4 panels, depending on the size available. It will take up about 16 square meters of space on your North facing roof.

Can I use a wet-back system with PV solar?

Yes, this will be the perfect off-grid setup since you normally use your fireplace when its cold. The smart controller will also tell you the water temperature so that you know when additional heat will be necessary. You will see the temperature on the wired digital display, or on your phone.

How much will a PV water heating system cost?

DIY kits are available from $3000 and fully installed it will cost between $4000 and $5000 depending on your setup. We have dealers available Nationally who can assist with installation. 

What happens when I need a new hot water cylinder?

The stainless steel AC/DC element are universal and can easily be removed from the old hot water cylinder and then be reinstalled on the new hot water cylinder. It's as easy as screwing it out and screwing it back into the new cylinder. 

Do I need to get my system signed off by an electrician?

No, but it is strongly recommended.  When a PV system operates entirely at Extra Low Voltage under 120V DC the work on that system will still have to be installed to comply with the standards AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 5033; however the work will not be prescribed electrical work, therefore will not require certification or an inspection. 

To see the regulation on this section  to follow the link to Worksafe site.

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