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This complete DIY kit for PV hot water is perfect for technically competent individuals who have a basic understanding of electricity.

The kit comes with 3 high-quality 440Watt PV panels, totaling 1320Watt, that are designed with a sleek black mounting system and L-Brackets for metal roofs. An upgraded kit for tiled or flat roofs is available.

The kit also features a solar MPPT controller for hot water and an AC/DC element.

3 x 440Watt PV panels with a total of 1320Watt

With all of these components, you'll have everything you need to get started with photovoltaic water heating.


To summarise, you will get the following:

3 x 440watt Black Photovoltaic solar panels

Black anodised aluminium mounting kit with L-Brackets for metal roofs

1 x Solar MPPT controller for hot water

1 x AC/DC element to retrofit into existing hot water cylinder

1 x Smart controller which will control AC/DC element temperature and times

10m of twin 4m solar cable

10m of 4mm earth cable

1 x Double pole DC Breaker with enclosure

1 x Dektite roof penetration seal

1 x Strip connectors

Small bits and pieces

National shipping included for the Green Heat equipment.

Solar panels and mounting rails to be collected from your closest branch of Ideal Electrcial (65 x NZ Branches) 


DIY complete kit for PV hot water

Sales Tax Included
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