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Green Heat MPPT (maximum power point tracker) Solar DC Charge Controller, used on Green Heat PV Solar Hot Water Cylinder conversion kits.

This MPPT functions by automatically switching the DC power supply off when the water has reached the desired temperature. MPPT Has an LCD display for easy monitoring of voltages.

Eco Solar Controller

SKU: 1810
$750.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Color: Black
  • • Maximum input voltage 46—138 VOC, 36—108 VMP

    • Peak efficiency 98%

    • Maximum output amps 25A

    • Ambient temperature Up to 70°C but de-rated at 1A per degree at temperatures above 50°C. Do not

    expose to direct sunlight.

    • Environmental IP43

    • Indications 2 LED’s

    • Heating (input command from thermostat)

    • Tracking (PV active)

    • Power (device turned on)

    • Inputs/Outputs - potential free

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