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 Water Heating using Solar Electric Photovoltaics - PV

How does it work?

Innovation that changes the way we do things.

Green Heat provides an affordable solution to save  energy usage in homes with smart control and direct photovoltaic (PV) solar water heating. Electric water heating is the number 1 consumer of electricity in most homes and it will make the largest difference on your power bill.  

Our new technology utilizes Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) chips as the heat source coupled with photovoltaic solar panels.

PV solar hot water in 3 easy steps!


We install PV solar panels on your roof  -  or DIY


We replace the element of your hot water cylinder

Rheem PV solar water heating
Retrofit PV Solar water heating.jpg

(Old Element)

Element Installation.jpg

We reuse the existing hot water cylinder without having to replumb.

AC-DC water Element

(NEW Element)

The new stainless steel AC/DC element will work on conventional power for backup and solar from the pv solar panels.


An intelligent control for your hot water cylinder
will be added.

The controller will manage the solar side to ensure the temperature does not exceed 75ᵒC.  It also ensures that you have hot water with conventional power on a rainy or cloudy day.

Green Heat Application online
Green Heat digital hot water cylinder timer and smart controller for hot water
Green Heat PV hot water Installation

(Phone App with WiFi & Bluetooth)

Hot water cost could easily add up to 50% of your monthly electricity usage

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